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Sometimes you solder. Sometimes you crimp.

After testing a single strand of LEDs yesterday, we needed to move along and get more installed. The main task for that is making custom extension cables to connect the strand to the PixelPusher. The PixelPusher will eventually be located inside the footer box and feed eight cables to two Grid Columns (or 400 pixels). HeroicRobotics published the Mouser parts for the male and female LEDs connector so we shipped in 25 pairs.

The female connector requires tiny crimpable ends for the black, yellow, green, and red wires that click into slots in the connector.

20140327 113229 BE7f iPhone 5

20140327 114108 BE7f iPhone 5

The male connector requires you to solder loose wires to their corresponding posts, a more advanced (frustrating) move. The posts were also heat-shrink tubed to strengthen the connection and prevent shorts.

20140327 152617 BE7f iPhone 5

The extension cables are 22AWG 4 Conductor unshielded since they are only 33 inches long.

Connecting the power supply is next. We like to add a connector and not just wire a plug directly to the terminals. The power supply is a Meanwell SP-320-5 for 5v LEDs.

20140327 154117 BE7f iPhone 5 2

With two extension cables, a PixelPusher, and a power supply, we can wire up three strands of LEDs (150 pixels).

20140327 183643 BE7f DSC RX100

20140327 183657 BE7f DSC RX100

Now we have 150 of 200 pixels active in this Grid Panel. We are two extension cables and installing a strand of LEDs away from completing this panel.

20140327 183715 BE7f DSC RX100

New Issues

  1. Power Supply - on other power supplies thermal protection kicks a fan on when the unit heats up. This model seems to have the fan running all the time. Not sure about the constant fan noise.
  2. Bottle Locks - with the re-design of the front grid the bottles are free to move in and out. We need a simple way to prevent the bottles from be pulled out of the grid. The LED cables will prevent removal but could still damage the strand.