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Are you stressed out?

Today we let the Grid Column run continuously for 9 hours. No Fire. No smoke. No FAIL. Sure it was a light stress test but still progress and it worked.

Apparently those loose wire to post solders were ugly but passed. We’d rather replace soldering the extension cables but haven’t found a workaround yet. Seems like there should be a crimp to female sleeve that would fit the post. One trick we used was pre-wrapping some solder around the wire instead of using three hands.

20140328 120238 BE7f iPhone 5 2

Even the back grid place looks nice.

20140328 141228 BE7f iPhone 5

Some Tidying up.

20140328 141616 BE7f iPhone 5 2

Plan B

The PixelPusher is network active so what happens if there is no network? No blinky. Since someone has run into this that before, they added a stand alone mode. By adding a single line to a Processing sketch, the pixel data is saved to a local file. You can rename that file to canned.dat can load it on the thumb drive with your pixel.rc configuration. Once you add canned_file = 1 to your pixel.rc, PixelPusher will playback your recorded show. We will be starting there and add in network control later.

To create canned.dat, the example sketch let’s you drag your mouse around a window to change the pixel values. About two minutes of random mouse movement is chaotic enough for it not to feel like a simple loop.

20140328 170043 BE7f iPhone 5