My First Hexo Plugin

I’m super addicted to Pocket. I spend a lot of time adding articles into my collection. It makes it super easy to share, recommend, and find it later.

A while ago they rolled out a feature that made it easy to recommend articles to your followers. They have buried this feature so I’ve never been able to build up a real following on the platform.

Meet The Plugin


Now instead trying to get people to follow me on Pocket, I’m just going to serve up my recommendations here. I wrote a plugin for Hexo that makes it easy to pull down the recommendations of a user on Pocket and insert posts based on articles that they have recommended. I’m not sure if this is useful to the wider community but it scratches my itch. I’m releasing it as an open source project .

I learned a lot of little details about the Hexo platform from this process. Especially, some quirks related to how links on images are handled. See this github issue .