Before Starting the Engine

After getting everything back on the rails, it was time to assemble the work surface.

20140918 162324 BE7f FinePix X100

This basically attaching the y-axis rails to the base and placing the gantry with XZ Car.

20140918 162331 BE7f FinePix X100 2

The steppers motors get their traction on v-groove belts that run the length of the MakerSlide.

20140930 170115 BE7f FinePix X100

Power to the stepper motors on this Shapeoko 2 are delivered by drag chains that need mounted somehow.

Drag Chain Challenges

  1. Drag Chain needs securely fastened to the XZ Car
  2. Drag Chain needs securely fastened to the Gantry
  3. Drag Chains needs to clear terminal blocks and not contact any wiring

Parts Used

  1. m4 x 12mm bolts/washers/lock nuts
  2. m5x80mm bolt/washers/nuts
  3. 2x Extrusion Bracket (Single Slot) - 26017-02
  4. 2x Extrusion Brackets (Double Slot) - 25293-05

20141001 162906 BE7f iPhone 5

[Note: The keen observer would notice the work surface changed in the picture above. Yes, we put the plain MDF pieces on thinking the nice Inventables with grid piece would go on top. Nope. Single layer is strong enough. (Our ShopBot has multiple 3/4” plywood layers for the table with an MDF spoil board layer on top.)]

The Z-axis motor is wired with snakeskin and connected to the terminal block on the XZ Car.
20141002 141505 BE7f FinePix X100

The far Y-Axis motor is wired with snakeskin and routed through the trusses of the gantry.

20141002 155255 BE7f FinePix X100

The other Y-Axis motor joins and connects to the terminal block.

20141002 160620 BE7f iPhone 5

Parts for mounting the drag chain arrive.

20141016 104848 BE7f iPhone 5

Replacing the 70mm both with an 80mm Socket Head Bolt gets us room to the the extrusion bracket where we attach the drag chain with an M4x12mm Cap Head Bolt and lock nut.

20141022 153415 BE7f FinePix X100

The 4C cable is connected to the terminal block for the Z-Axis Motor and routed through the drag chain with the X-Axis motor wires.

20141022 154635 BE7f iPhone 5

The Y-Axis and X-Axis terminal blocks are wired up.

20141023 121245 BE7f FinePix X100

Both drag chains are installed an all cables are routed.

20141022 175456 BE7f FinePix X100

Wiring up the Arduino with a Motor Shield and we are ready to test!

20141023 111705 BE7f FinePix X100
We took advantage of the affordances of the frames to attach the two drag chains.

Powering the Arduino up and hooking it up to a laptop, we use the Java-based Universal G-Code Sender to send movement commands to the Shapeoko.

It works! All four stepper motors operate and the XZ Car moves around the work surface. We have some inverted coordinates which will work on next.