Mixcloud to Sonos on Mac

Someday Sonos will offer Mixcloud and SoundCloud services in their app. (Please tell Sonos to support Mixcloud!) Until then we’ll keep using our workaround for Macs. We use a local Icecast server to re-broadcast web audio as a radio station in Sonos.

Here’s How


To stream audio from web sites like Mixcloud, we first make it into a desktop app version using Fluid. This creates a stand alone web browser instance that acts like a proper app - has an icon in your Dock and Launchpad, etc. (We use it for Gmail and Trello too.)

Create App in Fluid

To broadcast a local audio stream, Icecast is an open source solution. To avoid command line interfaces, we use Nicecast. You simply select the desktop app as the Source audio for the broadcast and go.


Choose Mixcloud App

When you start the broadcast, the URL you’ll need is listed in the Share tab and will look like Local: http://###.###.###.###:8000/listen.m3u. In the screenshot below, the computer’s local IP address is but yours could also be 10.0.0.###.

Find Address


To play the stream, in the Sonos app you need to “Add Radio Station” in the Manage menu with the local URL.

Sonos: Add Radio Station

To listen in Sonos, from the Select a Music Source window goto Radio > My Radio Stations and double-click your new station. Right-click on your station to Add to Sonos Favorites.


Favorite Mixcloud Streams