That galaxy is NOT so far, far away.

Today we placed an order for a 300mm Hydro Dome! This is the first part for a Builder’s Council approved aluminum R2-D2 replica build. We will be collecting custom machined parts from around the world to complete our own CS:R version of Artoo.

Outer Dome

Outer Dome

From the Builder’s Club Wiki:

What Is Club Spec: Revisited?

Club Spec: Revisited (CS:R) is an updated set of blueprints for the R2 Builders club. The CS:R drawings were created to better match the screen-used droids of the Star Wars films. The plans for CS:R were created using measurements taken from multiple screen-used droids in the Lucasfilm Archives, productions Blueprints, film reference, production made parts, and reference photos from Astromech.net. CS:R plans often feature different dimensions and more detail the previous plans.

The club now supports two parts specs: The original plans made in the early 2000’s now known as “Club Spec” [Now known as “Club Spec, Legacy”] and the updated plans made in 2014 known as “Club Spec: Revisited” [CS:R].

We are starting with the Dome first. We just need:

  1. Dome
  2. Dome Ring
  3. Dome Gear Set
  4. Radar Eye
  5. Radar Eye Lens
  6. 3x Holo Projectors (HP) alum
  7. Logic Display-Small (front)
  8. Logic Display-Large (rear)
  9. RSeries Logic Engine
  10. Logic Surrounds
  11. Dome Bumps
  12. Rockler bearings
  13. Ultimate Hinges (full set - linkages/springs/servos)

…We’ll be collecting parts for a while.