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LED Grid Redesign

Try again

After testing the grid prototype, some things needed to but others couldn’t change.

  1. Bottle slots were tightened
  2. Bottle spacing was not increased because the LEDs limit the bottle spacing.
  3. Parts were positioned away from edges of material to guarantee squareness and alignment of parts.
  4. Continuing to work in 0.75” plywood gives us more practice with it for Wikihouses.
  5. Side frame with rail slot has been removed since it doesn’t work with the space we have.
  6. A double rib design is a better direction so we can build free standing grid columns.
  7. Tabs were added to join header and ribs to top and bottom boxes.
  8. A column size of 8x25 pixels was selected since each LED strand contains 50 pixels.

Column 8 x 25