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Factory Bathroom

Initial State

Original factory bathroom was three stalls and a sink. A later remodel job added a fiberglas tub.

20140425 160107 BE7f DSC RX100

Scrape it

To learn what is there, everything is ripped out.

2015 10 20 155128 be7f Apple iPhone 5

New Plan

Setup massing and dimensions in SketchUp.

20151023 002014 BE7f

Structure Detail

Design torsion box.

20150920 154935 BE7f

Scale Model

Test part fit.

2015 10 11 141416 be7f Apple iPhone 5

Assemble Structure

Made in 3/4in OSB and altered on site for drain plumbing.

20151215 180136 BE7f iPhone 5

Install Stock Tank

Tank fit checked then drain connected.

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Install and Test Plumbing

Shower head and fixtures installed.

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Hang Curtains

3/4in EMT conduit is bent into a rod to hang curtains.

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