The Future Belongs to the Creators ™


What is it?

We are building an R2-D2! Thanks to all the members of the R2-D2 Builders Club. The amount of research and effort they have contributed to replicating R2s is amazing. Please visit them and see for yourself.


Collecting Parts Starts June 2014

The first part run when we joined was for the latest version of the R2 Dome. So, we are building an aluminum R2, dome-first since we’d missed this year’s body frame run.

Dome Parts

  1. Rockler Bearings
  2. Logic Surrounds
  3. Ultimate Hinges
  4. Slip Ring Adaptor Boards
  5. Dome Motor Bracket
  6. Dome Motor (Pittman)
  7. PSI Spacer (rear)
  8. Dome Gear Set
  9. Dome Set
  10. PSI Lense Diffusers
  11. Delrin Balls for Rockler Bearings
  12. RSeries Logic Engine
  13. Holo Projectors (HP)
  14. Periscope Lifter + Rotary Kit
  15. MarcDuino v2.0 Boards and Power Supplies
  16. Logic Display-Large (rear)
  17. Logic Display-Small (front)
  18. PSI Board
  19. PSI Lights
  20. Magic Panel
  21. Dome Bump Controller
  22. Gear Head DC Motor 12Vdc - Worm drive
  23. Radar Eye + Lens
  24. PSI Spacer (front)