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Trying Sublime Text

This week we are looking at using Sublime Text 2 as a text editor for the team.

Remote Control Theme

The first killer feature we’re trying is using remote mapping to our blog server so we can edit the theme files locally (NOT in a web browser’s form element), commit changes to git, and sync files remotely. For this we’re using a standard Wordpress setup at Pressable and the ST2 SFTP package. Previously, we had to edit a theme file in a WP browser-based editor, download a zip of the theme, copy it over the local copy, then commit changes to git.

Text Editor Posting

Another problem we’re trying to solve is for our Content Editors to be able to write posts locally, format them in Markdown or HTML, and publish them to Wordpress. We are playing with Sublpress. It is a little tricky to get running since the latest commit in Github removed the README and trashed the files - so rolling back a commit may help you.

Haz proof. Much success!

This was posted with the ST2/Sublpress super combo.